Pakistan Link’s New Look & the Man Behind It

This issue of Pakistan Link has a new masthead and a layout that conforms to the latest graphic techniques. Famous designer and graphic artist, Arif Imam, designed the masthead and the layout.
Mr. Imam was commissioned by the new management to improve the look of the newspaper and to introduce the latest layout style and graphics. The task turned out to be truly daunting as the amount of time at the disposal of the artist was too short. Imam however lived up to his reputation and imparted a well-balanced modern and unique look to the paper.
Imam has played an important role in the design and layout of several newspapers and publications. He was a key member of the team that launched The News International, Jung Group’s leading English newspaper. He was also responsible for the design and layout of the popular business daily, the Financial Post. Among the various magazines that he has designed are ‘Politics and Business’ published by Altaf Gohar, ‘TV Times’ and ‘Women’s Own’ published by Riaz Ahmed Mansuri of the Cricketer fame.
In addition to various publications, Imam headed the graphics and arts departments of several advertising firms in Pakistan such as Sachi & Sachi and Ogilvy & Mather. He also designed the advertisement and promotional campaigns of major international brands such as Nestle, Pepsi, Brooke Bond and the City Bank.
Imam is an excellent poet and is known in literary circles as one of the best poets in North America.
Says Imam, “Working on the Pakistan Link design was one of my most challenging assignments. Creating the design that takes many months in less than four weeks was quite an uphill task. I am however pleased that the final outcome is of international standards. Pakistan Link is a prestigious and premier newspaper of the Pakistani-American community. My desire was to produce a design which is truly representative of our great community”.
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