Sheriff Baca Meets Pakistan Advisory Council

Pakistan Link Report


Members of Pakistan Advisory Council with Sheriff Baca

Sheriff of the County of Los Angeles, Leroy D. Baca, invited the Sheriff’s Pakistan Advisory Council to his headquarters for a meeting. Despite his busy schedule he spent considerable time with the members of the Council and had meaningful discussions with them.
Sheriff Baca is the most well-known sheriff in the country and his support to the Pakistani-American community is unwavering. He has lead a delegation of Sheriffs and security officials from Alabama, New Jersey and California to Pakistan. On that trip he visited many parts of Pakistan and held meetings with President Musharaf and other high officials of the Pakistani Government.
The Advisory Council serves an important role by promoting and encouraging communications between the Sheriff's Office and the members of the Pakistani-American community. In this capacity the Advisory Council provides civilian review of proposed and ongoing departmental programs. The Sheriff relies on this as part of the input to adjust his efforts in serving the County. It also serves as a conduit between the department and citizens, bringing community concerns to the Sheriff's attention and helping to work towards solutions.
As always, Sheriff Baca expressed great interest in receiving input from the members of the Advisory Council. A lively discussion ensued with interaction between Sheriff Baca and the Advisory Council Members regarding various topics of mutual interest.
Waqar Ali Khan, the Chairman of the Advisory Council stated that one of the goals of the Council is to educate the members and the community on the extensive range of services available to County residents through the Sheriff's Office. He anticipates that these services will be better utilized by the community members as a result of the educational efforts of the Advisory Council.
Members of the Advisory Council thanked Sheriff Baca for his support of Pakistan and the Pakistani-American community.
In recognition of the dedication and efforts of the members of the Advisory Council, Sheriff Baca presented certificate awards to each member.



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