Pakistan Link Invites Reader Participation

Pakistan Link has announced two new features, ‘Life on Campus’ and ‘Mehfil-E-Terah’. Plans are being made for several other new features to be launched soon in the Pakistan Link.
‘Life on Campus’, will provide an opportunity for students to discuss issues of particular interest to their lives. A topic will be announced every month and the selected articles from the submissions will be printed in the first issue of the following month.
The topic for Life on Campus for the next month is “The Generation Gap – Does it Exist?” Articles discussing the differences or similarities between the older and the younger generation of Pakistani-Americans and the impact of these on our family dynamics are welcome.
To participate, please write an opinion up to 150 words and e-mail to* A photo of yourself is welcome but optional.
For the ‘Mehfil-E-Terah’, a misra-e-terah will be announced every month and the Urdu poets will be invited to submit poems using the given misra. Selected poems will be printed in the first issue of the following month.
The misra-e-terah for the next month is from Jigar Murad Abadi’s shair:

To participate, please send your ghazals to along with your photo (optional).
“We are introducing these new features to bring even more reader participation in the paper”, Editor Akhtar Faruqui said. “These are additions to the paper that I look forward to reading myself!”
• Note: All submissions should be brief, and may be edited. They become the property of Pakistan Link and may be republished in any format. Please include your full name, mailing address and daytime phone number (your number will not be published).



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