KUAA Honors Irfan Murtaza
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Irfan Murtaza
Dr. Manzooruddin Ahmed
Maryam Turab
Sahab Hamdani
Noshi Gilani
Arif Mansuri
Muhammad Kalam

May 27 was unlike any other day in the life of the Pakistani-American community in Fremont. It turned out to be a memorable day for the community which converged at the Mehran Restaurant to shower accolades on a distinguished poet and writer – Irfan Murtaza – whose two books ‘Tasweerain’ and ‘Chanda’ have recently won wide acclaim. Irfan is a well-known figure in literary circles in North America and beyond. As a poet and writer, he has impressed the literati and commanded respect from the critics.
The function was organized by the Karachi University Alumni Association (Southern California). Besides a large number of prominent community members, it was graced by Dr Manzooruddin Ahmad, a former Vice Chancellor of the Karachi University. The emcee of the evening was Maryam Turab, President of the KUAA, who ably conducted the proceedings. Also present in the audience were Vice President Andaleeb Ahmad and General Secretary Tajwar Sajjad.

A group photograph taken on the occasion

In his remarks on the occasion Dr Manzooruddin spoke of the sustained growth and popularity of Urdu. The language could not be identified with any particular group or people, he pointed out. It has come to enjoy universal appeal and is spoken by diverse groups and people living in different parts of the world.
Mr. Arif Mansuri, Vice President of the Urdu Writers Society, whose recent acquisition of Pakistan Link has won all-round community support, also addressed the gathering. Mansuri studied at the NED Engineering University in Karachi and felt completely at home in the midst of the KUAA members. He explained the compelling reasons that led him to acquire the paper: to nurture and support a collective community heritage that has faithfully fostered inter-community bonds and furnished the Pakistani-American perspective on important issues. Mr. Mansuri sought community support for making Pakistan Link and Urdu Link fully reflective of the community’s genius.
Irfan Murtaza was a picture of humbleness when he delivered his brief remarks. The accomplished poet and writer attributed his success to the Blessings of the Almighty. Irfan also expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Karachi University Alumni Association for honoring him. He read out excerpts from Tasweerain and Chanda.
Earlier, Noshi Gilani, well-known poetess, paid tributes to Irfan Murtaza for his literary attainments.
It was a truly enjoyable evening whose memory will linger on for many, many years.



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