Two Pakistanis Killed in US

Washington, DC: Twenty-one years old Moeen Raja was shot dead in Baltimore last weekend, the second Pakistani to be murdered in this industrial town near Washington this month.
Howard County police, responding to a report of several shots fired at him, found Mr. Raja’s body in a Honda Accord that had struck several other cars in a parking lot in the 3100 Block of W. Springs Drive. Mr. Raja of Hollow Court in Ellicott City suffered at least one gunshot wound, police said.
His family had migrated to the United States from G-9/4, Islamabad. His father Sadiq Raja is a well-known member of the Pakistani community in the greater Washington area.
Another Pakistani, Ghulam Mustafa, 33, was shot dead two weeks ago. Mr. Mustafa had picked up his 11th dispatched taxi call of the day — a blind passenger who needed a ride from Woodlawn to his home in Northeast Baltimore.
But another long and busy day on the streets of Baltimore for Mr. Mustafa was cut short in a deadly encounter in what police characterize as a road rage incident.


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