Pakistani Music Available on New iTunes Desi Hits!
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The world's first official iTunes store dedicated to Desi music was launched earlier this month, representing a significant stride for South Asian music artists and supporters. In conjunction with Apple's iTunes, the company driving this endeavor, Desi Hits! ( is making South Asian music more accessible for everyone through the web-based music store. iTunes has sold more than 2 billion songs, accounting for more than 80% of worldwide online digital music sales. It is now easier than ever before to search for music by genre, artist, song, album, or film title through the new Desi Hits! iTunes storefront.
The catalogue of digital music currently includes popular Pakistani artists such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Taufiq Qureshi, Zakir Hussain, Ustad Zultan Khan, Atif Aslam and Qurram Hussain of the Canadian band Josh, among others, as well as other Desi and mainstream hits. The site gives audiences a preview of up-and-coming talent and spotlights established artists by featuring select songs on their popular podcast shows, which hold the number one spot for Desi podcasts on iTunes. In addition to the branded iTunes store and music podcasts, the South Asian entertainment portal provides visitors with streaming videos, artist profiles, celebrity interviews, blogs, forums and shows created by Desi Hits! fans – a true multimedia experience.
Today, Desi Hits! is one of the fastest growing South Asian websites according to Alexa Ratings, with 3.6 million visitors each month. With visitors from 67 countries, and a vibrant online community, it is clear that fans include Desis and non-Desis alike. The company has firm footing in the mainstream world with funding from prestigious venture capital firms (who also backed Hotmail, Skype and Baidu), an impressive board of well-connected executives, and recent recognition as one of the "top 100 digital entertainment companies to watch for" by AlwaysOn Hollywood 2007.
The Desi Hits! iTunes storefront gives audiences instant access to music and the power help elevate the profile of their favorite stars by buying tracks, while artists benefit from the global exposure. Though outlets for pirated and bootlegged copies do exist, music artists' success and survival is contingent on the support they receive from fans, with one of the greatest measures being legitimate album sales. In order to put South Asian music on the international map, the industry, artists and consumers need to work together – Desi Hits! provides a place for that to happen. Music and entertainment-lovers are encouraged to explore to discover, download, and purchase music online anytime from anywhere.



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