Congressman Jeff Flake Apprised of Community Problems

Congressman Jeff Flake with community members

Phoenix, Arizona: A group comprising Chinese-, Latino- and Pakistani-Americans met with Congressman Jeff Flake on February 21 to acquaint him with various issues confronting local ethnic communities.
Mr. Arif Kazmi, representing the Arizona Asian American Association, described the plight of many legal immigrants who are facing delay in getting citizenship approval. He also mentioned the difficulties faced in obtaining student visas and the high cost of application fees. Mr. Kazmi provided papers to the Congressman relating to some pending applications.
Mr. Reveles, representing “SOMOS” We Are America organization, pointed out specific immigration issues and requested the Congress to act swiftly for the introduction of comprehensive immigration reforms because the present delay is prompting local agencies (City and County) to take “inappropriate” actions.
Ms. Carmen, an activist for Student Dream Act, gave an update on her efforts. The passage of Proposition 300 has made many youths ineligible for grant of resident fees and privileges.
Ms Shwuing, representing Chinese Americans, mentioned the problems being faced by interviewees during the immigration process.
Mr. Yousuf stated that numerous cases of discrimination have been reported in the valley by residents of Middle Eastern origin. The removal of 6 Imams from the US Airways flight was cited as one such case.
Overall, the Congressman and his staff accorded a warm welcome to the delegation. The group found the Congressman to be very receptive, open-minded and sympathetic to the issues of the diverse community members.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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