GTV Inauguration Focuses on Worldwide Muslim Media

Newark, CA: Launched in September of last year, the Global Forum TV will inaugurate its full-service studio in the San Francisco, Bay Area on Saturday, March 17, 2007.
The Global Forum TV focuses its programming on major world issues, promising “Global Affairs from Global Perspectives”. The AMA has bought its own equipment, assembled and trained its own staff, and instituted its own internationalist philosophy. Its newly built studio makes it possible to produce its first-rate news analysis program, documentaries, and highlight historical and contemporary cultures, literatures and philosophical traditions.
This unconventional inauguration is organized around a panel of experts and participant-observers on “The New Muslim Media”.
The main purpose of this panel is to discuss the emerging role of the Muslim media – its strengths and weaknesses – in a global context. They will also discuss its impact on nation building, state formation, East-West relations, info-wars and globalization.
The invited panelists include representatives of Al Jazeera, ARY, BRIDGES, RAVI, LINK TV, PAYAM-E-Afghanistan, WRMEA, and the New America Media.
Dr. Agha Saeed, a professor of communication at California State University-East Bay and the host of Global Forum TV, will moderate two back-to-back panels with an expected studio audience of 200, which will include academics, media professionals, and community activists.
Recently, Global Forum recorded over 12 hours of panel discussions about Pakistani Elections 2007/2008, Pakistani Culture, and Pakistani Progressive Movement.
In the coming months, Global Forum TV plans to record similar programs in Central Asia, Middle East and Latin America.
Today, the media in the Third World, including the Muslim World, is able to tell their own story in their own words through their own contacts and sources. The AMA is committed to strengthen and expand this new trend.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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