PAKPAC Completes Access Systems to 250, 000 Pakistani-American Households

Maryland: The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee is proud to announce the completion of a milestone of their database of Pakistani-American household across the United States, says a Press Release received by Pakistan Link. It adds: PAKPAC now has developed mechanisms for access to about 250,000 households in the United States. At this stage the database is only targeting the larger registered voter households registered and active as of November 2006.
Each household on an average has two voters and has three to four individuals.
This database will help PAKPAC reach out to an active and vibrant community to help collaborate with them and identify appropriate legislators and races in the elections. This effort though is done to be better placed for managing the long-term needs of the community, it will have an important role in the 2008 presidential elections as well.
The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC) is a nationwide, membership based, non-profit lobbying organization registered with the United States Federal Government.
PAKPAC’s mission includes advancement and strengthening of US-Pakistan relations. It is organized to be a unified voice on issues and concerns common to the Pakistani-American community. PAKPAC’s focus includes an active environment to foster greater political and civic engagement amongst the Pakistani Americans. PAKPAC is also focused on collaborating with other regional and national Pakistani-American organizations to ensue increased efficacy and reduced duplication of the stated goals.
PAKPAC along with our affiliates is working to serve as a watchdog for inaccuracies and bias in media coverage about Pakistan and Pakistani Americans. We are also involved in educating media groups, journalists, politicians, academicians and members of think tanks about views of concern and importance to the Pakistani-American community.




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