MPAC/CAIR Commend FBI for Foiling Alleged Fort Dix Terror Plot

Washington, DC: The Muslim Public Affairs Council and the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) May 8 commended federal law enforcement officials for foiling an alleged terror plot targeting Fort Dix in New Jersey.
SEE: ";6 Arrested in Plot to Attack Fort Dix" (New York Times, 5/8/07)
During a conference call initiated by MPAC and other Arab, South Asian and Muslim organizations, FBI Assistant Director John Miller stressed that this is a case against a group of individuals, not against a specific religious or ethnic community. Miller also thanked the communities for their outreach efforts and continued engagement. Dialogue with government agencies and law enforcement is a crucial component of ongoing Muslim American efforts to protect the nation and preserve the rights of all citizens.
Working with law enforcement on the local level yields effective partnerships between the Muslim American community and law enforcement. FBI officials indicated that the plot was discovered as a result of a tip they received from a local store clerk who had received a disturbing video for duplication from one of the suspects.
MPAC is outraged by the religious justifications used by suspects, as revealed in the court documents issued. Their false and sinister understanding of "jihad" in no way justifies their alleged plot. At the same time, it is crucial that public officials and federal law enforcement are strategic with their characterizations of the suspects. Any affirmation of the suspects so-called Islamic motivations serves to isolate the majority of the Muslim American community rather than the criminal elements who mask their heinous and terrorist acts with Islam.
In a statement, CAIR stated:
"Based on the information gathered in this case, it seems clear that a potentially deadly attack has been averted. We applaud the FBI for its efforts and repeat the American Muslim community's condemnation and repudiation of all those who would plan or carry out acts of terror while falsely claiming their actions have religious justification.
"We continue to urge American Muslims to be vigilant in reporting any suspected criminal activities that could harm the safety and security of our nation."
CAIR also requested that media outlets and public officials refrain from linking this case to the faith of Islam. The council asked mosques and Islamic institutions in New Jersey and nationwide to report any incidents of anti-Muslim backlash.


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