Have You Been a Victim of Racism?

By Samina F. Sundas

A production company is doing research on the Fremont area and is looking specifically for families and individuals who have been affected by racism and had first hand experiences that people can share. A few examples could be members of a family struggling to accept an interracial marriage, children who may think their parents or grandparents are prejudiced, a family that has experienced racism - verbal, physical or otherwise, or individuals who have experienced discrimination in the workplace and elsewhere.
It fits perfectly with what we are trying to achieve. It would be great if we can have a chance to educate people across USA about racism and how it feels to be targeted and hated just because you are different.
I am sure you will have contacts in Fremont. If you do, please ask them to contact me ASAP at 650-387-1994 or email at samina_faheem@yahoo.com.



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