Pakistani-Americans Demand Judicial Inquiry

Chicago, IL: The Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF), a pro-democracy grassroots organization, has demanded a judicial inquiry into the May 12 Karachi massacre by a commission comprised of the judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
Regardless of who was killed and by whom, the May 12 massacre, which illustrates that the Musharraf regime is neither moderate nor enlightened, has resulted from its faltering attempts to contain and reverse the pro-judiciary movement.
The PADF statement in part reads:
We, Pakistani-Americans join our Pakistani brothers and sisters in mourning the loss of so many precious lives on May 12. We request Justice Rana Bhagwandas, the acting Chief Justice of Pakistan, to use his suo moto powers and set up a commission of inquiry as soon as possible so that the criminals are not able to cover their tracks.
“If the writ of the state was made to fail by design then the government is a co-conspirator in these murders, if it happened despite its best efforts then it is guilty of gross incompetence, and if came about due to lack of preparation then it is a case of criminal negligence”, PADF President, Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Toor said. “The present government must be held accountable for the loss of so many precious lives.”
Political scientist Dr. Agha Saeed has noted that every dictatorship in Pakistan goes through four phases: 1) honeymoon, 2) disappointment and alienation, 3) resentment, agitation and resistance, and 4) removal from power. It is evident the present regime is headed toward the crescendo of the third phase.
In view of the above, the PADF had recently expressed its concerns about the establishment’ s systematic campaign of harassment - threats, administrative harassment, physical attacks, and massive arrests - against the Chief Justice, his lawyers, bar associations, and political activists.
Ever since Pakistan Supreme Court's decision on May 8 to stay Supreme Judicial Council’s proceedings, which has been widely viewed as a setback for the Musharraf Government, key officials including Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz have been threatening to impose emergency rules and suspend all basic rights.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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