Royal Kill Teases the Audience in Hollywood
By Anila Ali

Left to Right: Babar Ahmed, Consul General Syed Ibne Abbas and Anila Ali

The 15-minute preview of Royal Kill left the audience pining for more. The premiere took place in the heart of Hollywood at the Cinespace Theatre on May 3. Consul General Syed Ibne Abbass, attended the event. BBC, LA Times, 97.1 FM, and Pakistan Link were there to cover this exciting event.
The director of the movie, Royal Kill, Babar Ahmed, is a very talented and award-winning director of Pakistani origin. Being a graduate of Cambridge University and The New York Film Academy, Babar has gained respect and recognition in a very short span of time. He began his career with a feature film, Genius (2003 which received three internmational awards and was released in America on video. Many news stations, such as the BBC World, NBC 4, and Channel 9 WUSA, have covered his achievements in movie.
Royal Kill is his newest action-packed psychological thriller. It stars Academy Award nominee Pat Morita, from the Karate Kid; Academy Award nominee Eric Roberts, brother of Julia Roberts; Gail Kim, and the teenage sensation, Lalaine, from the Disney show, Lizzie Maguire.
The event was attended by many other celebrities from Hollywood. Kaysar Ridha of Big Brother fame was in attendance, surrounded by his admiring fans. Alexander Wraith, a young upcoming star in Royal Kill was mingling with the audience and expressing his excitement about his latest venture, Royal Kill. The head of International Sales for Showcase Entertainment, the head of Acquisitions for Showcase Entertainment, Neil Schulman (Director of Lady Magdalene's) was present to fascinate the guests with his accomplishments. Lalaine's manager Gary Stamler, agent Nancy Sefton, and management associate Colleen Buchanan, were all awaiting the princess’s arrival. Lalaine plays the young and vibrant princess in Royal Kill.

The actors with the producer

Once all the celebrities’ had arrived they took center stage and the proceedings began. The president of the New York Film Academy, Jean Sherlock introduced Babar Ahmed with glowing accolades. The first fifteen minutes of the movie were shown and then the director and actors were called on stage to answer questions.
Lalaine praised Babar’s leadership and openness to ideas put forth by the cast. “Babar was always willing to listen to our input,” thought Lalaine. The stars and the director answered many enthusiastic questions. After which, the hosts from 97.1 FM and the New York Film Academy thanked the audience and concluded the event. “We love you for showing us 15 minutes but we hate you for not showing us the rest of the movie!” exclaimed the host.
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