Three More FOP Chapters Opened in N. California


Sarfaraz Khan, Jerry McNermney, Dr. Kumar and Malik Younus Awan

The Friends of Pakistan (FOP) has successfully opened three more chapters in Northern California. Several hundred new members have joined the vibrant grassroots level organization following the establishment of the three chapters.
The first event marking this important development was held at California’s capital Sacramento on Friday, May 11 2007 at the Howe Community Center. The second event was held in the city of Stockton on Saturday, May 12. The third and last event was organized in Pittsburgh/Concord area on Sunday, May 13 2007 at the Mehran Restaurant.

Mirza Tahir, Raja Khan, Shahab Siddiqi and Tariq Khan


Amit Gill and Rohi

FOP president Sarfaraz Khan addressed community members on the occasion to spell out the mission and objectives of the organization. He said, “You will readily agree that in the post-9/11 period Pakistani Americans have felt the pressing need of a representative and vibrant community organization that could air their views on various social, economic, and political issues impacting their life. Such an organization could consistently work to dispel misperceptions about community members, their faith, and their country of origin. What is more, it could spotlight the multifarious accomplishments of Pakistani Americans so that they could be accorded recognition as useful members of the American society. The organization could thus serve as a bridge between Pakistani Americans and various ethnic groups and mainstream Americans. Friends of Pakistan has been set up with this explicit purpose in mind. It is the voice of the community. It is the voice of every Pakistani American.”

Sunny Singh, Tahir Hussaini and Aimy

Raising his voice and adding to the decibels, he observed: “America is our adopted country and we feel great affection for, and attachment to, this land. Ungrudgingly, the US has given us the opportunity to live freely and express our concerns without any reservations. It is our duty to serve this country to the best of our ability. Pakistani Americans are law-abiding citizens. They are well educated and enterprising and have already proved their worth as true achievers in this multi-ethnic society. In airing our concerns about issues that impact our life we will behave in a dignified and respectable manner at all levels of the American system….In conclusion, I declare a five-point ‘Revival of Image’” action plan for every Pakistani American to adopt:
1- Be Friendly with your neighbors and interact with local mainstream.
2- Keep contact with local government and law enforcement agencies.
3- Visit local schools frequently.
4- Get involved in local interfaith activities.
5- Have constant contact with your congressman and senators.

Malik Younus Awan coordinator for Sacramento area; Tariq Khan, Dr Malik Awan for Stockton area and Zahid Saif, Nasir Bashir and MD Khalid for Concord and Pittsburgh area also spoke and declared full confidence in the leadership of Sarfaraz.
Congressman Jerry McNermney also attended the Stockton event as the chief guest.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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