Pakistan-Americans Ask SC to Take Suo Moto Action

Washington, DC: The Pakistan American National Alliance (PANA), a US-wide coalition of Pakistani-American organizations, has condemned the Musharraf regime “in strongest words” and demanded judicial inquiry of May 12 Karachi massacre by a commission comprised of the judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.
In a letter sent to the Acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, PANA has urged the Supreme Court of Pakistan to conduct a suo moto inquiry of the May 12 mayhem, killings and destruction in Karachi.
“If the writ of the state was made to fail by design then the government is a co-conspirator in these murders, if it happened despite its best efforts then it is guilty of enormous incompetence, and if came about due to lack of preparation then it is a case of criminal negligence”, PANA Coordinator, Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Toor said. “The present government must be held accountable for the loss of so many precious lives.”
The PANA statement in part reads:
We, Pakistani-Americans join our Pakistani brothers and sister in mourning the loss of so many precious lives on May 12. We request Honorable Justice Rana Bhagwandas, the acting Chief Justice of Pakistan, to use his suo moto powers and set up a commission of inquiry as soon as possible so that the criminals are not able to cover their tracks and the guilty are punished in accordance with the law.
The editors of the daily Dawn have correctly observed, “The crimes committed that day are too horrendous to be ignored. The nation has the right to know why the police and the fabled paramilitary Rangers disappeared, who barricaded key traffic junctions and was manning some of the roadblocks with weapons in hand, what party or organizations the killers belonged to, and whether the Sindh government did all that it did on Saturday on instructions from Islamabad to frustrate Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry’s programme in Karachi.”
This Commission should be given broad powers to subpoena any federal or provincial official including the President and the Prime Minister, summon the records of federal and provincial law enforcement agencies, punish the guilty, and compensate the victims and their families. It should also look into the use of direct and indirect threats and abuse of administrative powers by the federal government before, during and after the May 12 massacre.
Ever since Pakistan Supreme Court's decision on May 8 to stay Supreme Judicial Council’s proceedings, key officials including Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz have been threatening to impose emergency rules and suspend all basic rights.
This PANA Statement in jointly issued by the following organizations:
Coalition of Pakistani Organizations of Chicago (COPOC)
Indus Society (IS)
Pakistan American Council of Texas (PACT)
Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF)
Pakistan Association of Riverside (PAR)
Pakistan Cultural Association of New Orleans (PCANO)
Pakistan League of America (PLA)
Pakistani-American Democratic Dialogue (PADD)
Pakistan-USA Freedom Forum (PUFF)



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