COPAA Organizes Grand Eid Milan Party

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From left: COPAA President Razaq Chaudhry, Consul General Syed Ibne Abbas and Sheriff Lee Baca

The Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA) held a Grand Eid Milan Party on Saturday, October 20, 2007 at the LAX Hilton. The function turned out to be a truly ‘grand’ occasion as the food, décor, speeches, and arrangements conformed to the high standards that COPAA has come to be associated with, thanks to the strivings of its members.
As usual, a spirit of camaraderie marked the proceedings with COPAA Board members – Ahmed Ali, Nargis Kurwa, Tanveer Khan, Hafiz ur Rehman, Javed Iqbal, Anila Ali, Farida Merchant, Shaista Khan, Hamid Malik, Farhat Zubair, Firoze Fakhri and Ismail KeeKeeBhai - doing their utmost to help President Razaq Chaudhry put up a grand show.
The tragic October 18 events in Karachi, however, had dampened the spirits of all and sundry in the glittering Hilton hall. The expression of joy and merriment was visibly subdued. COPAA President Razaq Chaudhry began his speech with an exhortation to the audience to observe “a moment of silence in the memory of 134 people killed in Karachi by the suicide attacks in the midst of a peaceful political procession.”

Pictures above: Guests at the COPAA Eid Milan Party

He plaintively added that the COPAA Board “was very upbeat and was set to celebrate the party in a very jubilant fashion, but in light of the tragic attacks in Karachi this week, tonight’s event will be marked by a somber undertone.”
Claiming that COPAA “remains a silent voice for the Pakistani community in the United States, he made a candid observation: “In this turbulent yet riveting time for Pakistan and Pakistani-American relations, it is more imperative than ever for all Pakistanis to stand unified…”

Ismail KeeKeeBhai

Dr Chaudhry informed the gathering of a laudable initiative of his Council that is bound to produce wholesome results: “As a part of COPAA’s involvement in helping the US legislators craft informed policy with regard to Pakistan, COPAA recently teamed up with the Pacific Council on International Policy, a Los Angeles-based non-profit international affairs organization, and sponsored an Adjunct fellowship scheme at the Pacific Council. The research fellow will be selected from a pool of very talented and unbiased political analysts from various political institutions in the United States. This fellowship will focus on the importance of current Pakistan-US relations and make recommendations to strengthen these relationships in coming years. This is the first of many such endeavors that COPAA hopes to undertake in a simultaneous effort to engage the Pakistani community and the US policymakers…”

Speaking on the occasion, Consul General Syed Ibne Abbas made brief but scintillating remarks. He exhorted community members to integrate with mainstream America and be seized of their role of cementing better Pakistan-United States relations.
Addressing the gathering, Sheriff Lee Baca said Eid is very much a US tradition today. He paid glowing tributes to Muslims and Pakistani Americans. “The great country of Pakistan extends to the US through you,” he remarked.

Pictures above: Glimpses of the Eid Milan Party organized by COPAA



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