Islamic Center of Riverside Organizes Interfaith Ramadan Dinner
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Speakers at the Islamic Center of Riverside Iftar Dinner

The Islamic Center of Riverside organized an Interfaith Iftar Ramadan Dinner at the Riverside Convention Center on September 29, 2007. According to Mohammad Ashrif, Chairman of the Center, the Ramadan Dinner was organized to “enhance understanding and to educate non-Muslims about Islam and Ramadan.” The dinner “gives us an opportunity to break bread and to share togetherness. This year we have invited public officials, law enforcement officials and community leaders.”
The objective of the Ramadan Dinner, succinctly spelled out by the enthusiastic and dedicated Chairman of the Islamic Center, appeared to have been wholly realized. The dinner drew 300 participants, mostly non-Muslims, who appeared manifestly keen to cement closer ties with the Muslim community to strengthen interfaith harmony.
The speakers included: Mayor Ronald Loveridge of Riverside; Rabbi Yitzahk Miller of Temple Beth El of Riverside; Dr Gregory Elder who represented Bishop Gerald Barns; Dr June O’Connor , a Professor of Religious Studies; Dr Yehia Abdul Rahman who is founder of Lariba Bank; Mr Arif Mansuri, President and Managing Editor, Pakistan Link; Dr Mustafa Kuko, Director, Islamic Center of Riverside and Mr. Mohammad Ashrif, Chairman, Islamic Center of Riverside. Hafiz Ahmed Hassan recited a passage from the Holy Qur’an. Sara Njjar presented the translation. Mr. Omar Zaki acted as Master of Ceremonies.



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