Sir Syed Day International Mushaira
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The Executive Committee of the AMU Alumni Association of Northern California would like to invite Link readers to the Sir Syed Day 2007 International Mushaira and Banquet Dinner at the India Community Center in Milpitas, California on Saturday, November 17 between 6:00 PM and Midnight . Tickets are available now through the AMUAA website at (other details below). The Executive Committee would also like to thank everyone for their continuous support, especially for its scholarship program. Through the support it has been able to sustain and expand the program. The accomplishments of AMU alumni have had a lasting influence on the world. Contributions form the core of the AMU Legacy of Learning – a simple tradition with a profound impact which will make all the difference.
The AMU Alumni Association (AMUAA) of Northern California established its Sir Syed Scholarship program eight years ago. Despite great difficulties and meager resources, it has awarded a significant number of scholarships to needy and bright students at Aligarh and elsewhere. In addition it has also supported Safia Niswa School, Aligarh, Sir Syed Public School (SPEECH), Dehradun, and Faiz-e-Aam Muslim School, Fizabad. As of now AMUAA has distributed over four million rupees. This year it is planning to award scholarships to approximately 200 students (~Rs 800,000).
The community is invited to make a gift to the next generation of AMU students in recognition of the University's significance in our lives. This gift will make a difference in helping a new generation of students realize their dreams. Kindly mail your tax-exempt donations to (check payable to "AMUAA") to: AMU Alumni Association, PO Box 4361, Foster City, CA 94404. Donations can also be made online using credit card through the Association’s website. AMUAA is a non-profit organization with US IRS in the state of California. The donations to AMUAA are tax deductible under the law. Please call tel: (650) 212-ALIG, Email: or visit the website at The Association is a non-profit/tax-exempt organization (Tax ID # 94-336 6186).
And now to the exciting Sir Syed Day 2007 International Mushaira and Banquet on Saturday, November 17, 2007. Besides a banquet dinner in the fine Mughal tradition, this year participating poets will include Khamakhah Hyderabadi (India) ZakiaGhazal (Pakistan), Rahat Indori (India), Akhtar Shumaar (Pakistan), Haneef Akhgar (Dallas), Abidullah Ghazi (Chicago), Nausha Asrar (Houston) and Mahnaz Naqvi (San Francisco). Tickets range from $ 100 down to $35 (up to November 9). And $15 (for children under 10 years, including babysitting). No tickets will be sold at the gates so please buy them before November 15. For more information and tickets please call: Amtul Suhail (408) 365-0534, Azra Arshad (408) 296-7152, Afzal Khan (408) 910-9786, Aftab Iqbal (408) 985-2083, AMUAA (650) 212-2544, Faisal Siddiqi 650) 533-4347, Tarique Anwar (510) 857-3952, Shachindra Nath (510) 796-1532, Najmi Minhaj (530) 758-5561, Shahla Nihal Khan (925) 736-4566, Aftab Umar (925) 924-0929 or via Note: Tickets are also available online through the website (



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