APPNA Partners with Saba Trust/IEWS in Building Unique Orphanage in Pakistan

From Left: Dr Abdul Rashid Piracha, Dr Nadim Qazi and Mr Saghir Aslam

Dr Abdul Rashid Piracha, ex-President of the Association of Pakistani Physicians of North America (APPNA) witnessed during his term work on the construction of a one-of-a-kind orphanage and was truly delighted. Dr Piracha later visited the site and was extremely pleased with the fast pace and tremendous progress. He duly complimented Saghir Aslam, Chairman of Saba Trust, on the quality of construction, particularly the extra cement and iron bars, which were used by the capable engineer-in-charge of construction Colonel (Rtd.) Shuaib Ali Dogar.
Col. Dogar believes that they have designed the building to be the safest InshAllah in Pakistan at considerable extra expense as they are deeply conscious that many of the orphans will live in it for a long time. Col. Dogar emphasizes that many lives depend on the quality of the structure and they want to make sure that they have nothing but the best building for the orphans. This prompted Dr Piracha to say, “We, APPNA, are delighted to be part of this unique institution.” Piracha Sahib visited the site on several occasions and was happy at the progress and quality of construction each time.
In early October, Dr Nadim Qazi, President APPNA, Tariq Cheema, and Zeshan Piracha visited the orphanage building. It was the blessed month of Ramadan. While walking through the building, Dr Qazi was truly amazed with the quality of construction and gleefully told Saghir Aslam: “We have truly outdone ourselves.”
Thanks to Dr Qazi’s efforts and the thorough evaluation of the project by Dr. Saima Zafar the project soon had the approval of the APPNA Board.
For years, APPNA has been working to help the underprivileged in Pakistan. The Association was instrumental in helping the October 8 earthquake victims in many ways. APPNA donated equipment, supplies, and medical services to literally thousands of earthquake victims and donated millions of Rupees worth of goods and services. APPNA doctors provided their services and spent time examining and treating the quake victims. Many APPNA doctors, including ex-President Abdul Rashid Piracha and current President Nadim Qazi, spent valuable time away from their professional practices and their families for the love of earthquake victims. They provided monumental humanitarian services.
Now APPNA is donating a magnificent orphanage which shall render much needed services in the area. During his recent visit APPNA President Nadim Qazi saw beautiful marble and gorgeous tiles and had an entrancing view of Karang and Swan River on one side and Marghla Hills on the other side. He was truly impressed with everything, the quality of the construction, materials used, location and the way the whole project turned out to be.
Dr Nadim Qazi, Tariq Cheema and Zeshan Piracha, were presented a small brochure by the Chairman of Saba Trust who explained to them that the building will be much more than an orphanage. “This is history in the making,” he said as the building is one of a kind unique orphanage providing the best services to the orphans that others would yearn to have. The children will enjoy full support in terms of mentorship, recreational facilities, and educational resources. The orphanage is being established with the guidance of the Chairman’s beloved brother in Islam, his teacher and his mentor, whom he loves and adores, Br. Akram Chaudhry. Chaudhry has not only been involved from day one, he actually gave the idea of this unique institution when Saba Trust Chairman Saghir Aslam met with him to launch the project.
Akram Chaudhry has not only visited the orphanage but he is part of planning, part of construction monitoring and has been helping Saghir Aslam on a regular basis. They communicate regularly on the phone. Many of the unique qualities are based on Akram Chaudhry’s vision. He is always coming up with better ideas regarding how the orphans can be made to feel at home and how they can be provided with top quality education.
The dreams of Bushra Aslam, the Chairman’s wife, and Akram Chaudhry to help the orphans and provide them the best of everything have finally come true and fit like a glove in Saghir Aslam’s plans. Aslam has expressed the hope that the next Jinnah will be born in the building. Now we are delighted that every one’s dream foundation has been built, solid and strong for the coming generations when we will, inshAllah, see these orphans in the role of engineers, doctors, scientists, teachers, and leaders of Pakistan who will help transform Pakistan into the country envisioned by Allama Iqbal and Mohammad Ali Jinnah. We all shall watch! Let’s work together to make sure that this happens!
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Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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