A Memorable Literary Evening
By Yousuf Bhuvad

The Federation of Al garh Alumni Associations of North America Arizona Chapter celebrated Sir Syed Day with an International Mushaira on November 17, 2007 at a community church in Avondale.
The Mushaira was attended by a large number of Urdu poetry enthusiasts across the valley.
The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran by Abid Haroon. The president of the Aligarh Alumni Association welcomed the audience and introduced the senior members of the Aligarh Association. He also requested Mr. Itrat Hussain to be the moderator of the Mushaira. Itrat Hussain, an ex-resident of the valley, came from Chicago to participate in this event. His eloquent style and humor impressed the audience.
Mr Faisal Saleem, an active member of the Association in Arizona, highlighted the contributions of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in the promotion of education. The Aligarh movement started by Sir Syed has its roots both in India and Pakistan. It has produced alumni in science, education, literature and technology. The portal www.merachaman.com is a great resource of information and networking for Aligarh Muslim atudents and alumni.

An occasion of merriment and relaxation for all

Mr Itrat Hussain gave a brief introduction the guest poets as he called them to the podium.
A local poet who happens to be an active member of the Aligarh Association Qadeer Siddiqui started the Mushaira with his ghazal collections. Other host poets included Mudassir Khan, Fiyaz ud din and Mr Musa.
The first guest poet Zakia Ghazal from Pakistan presented her kalam receiving accolades from the audience. Rahat Indoori from India captivated the audience with his absorbing thoughts. Akhtar Shumar from Pakistan recited his ghazals and expressed beautiful ideas. The audience truly enjoyed Khamakhah Hyderabadi, who is well-known for his humor and satire. His verses, in the traditional Hyderabadi style, added an entertainment dimension to the Mushaira.
The Mushaira ended with Faisal Saleem thanking the sponsors, volunteers, and poets for making the event possible.
The Ali garh Alumni Association needs to be felicitated for organizing a literary event of this caliber truly a refreshing experience for the valley residents from the subcontinent who love Urdu poetry.
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