San Francisco Protest Rally
By M. Akhtar Shah
Bureau Chief
Pakistan Link

On Saturday, November 10, a protest rally was held in San Francisco, California, in front of the City Hall Building. It was organized by the Human Rights Activists, Friends of South Asia and Tehrik-e-Insaf. Despite a steady downpour and inclement weather, more than 200 protesters converged on the City Hall Building to demand an immediate end to martial law in Pakistan.
Khuram Mahmood, Ejaz Syed, James Thompson and other speakers addressed the rally and called for an end to the US support to the military dictatorship in Pakistan. They also pressed for the restoration of judiciary and democracy, unconditional release of all political prisoners, reinstatement of the constitution, and an end to curbs on the media.
James Thompson spoke on behalf of the US Lawyers Association in support of the Pakistani lawyers and judges. Attorney Javed Ellahie urged the Congress to call for the restoration of the 1973 Constitution in Pakistan.
The protest rally continued for well over two hours.



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