Memon Medical Institute Nearing Completion in Karachi

By Naseem Shekhani

The Memon Medical Institute being established in Karachi will be 330-bed hospital and a state of the art facility. The Institute is being built near the University of Karachi about 8 kilometers from the Karachi International Airport.
The Memon Medical Institute will serve the local population in general and will eventually be a tertiary care facility. The total cost of the project is estimated at 985 million rupees. More than half of this amount has been contributed by members of the Memon community.
Mr. Peer Mohammad Diwan, chair of the board; Mr. Ajaz Saya, Chief Executive Officer; and Dr. Tufail have worked with demonstrable zest for the establishment of the Institute. Basic structure of the first building has been completed. Interior designing and finishing are planned to be completed by summer 2008.


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