Waheed Murad’s Son Talks to Pakistani-Americans Fans
By Ras H. Siddiqui


The late Waheed Murad

Purva Devi, Hassan Zee and Adil Murad

It is not every day that one gets a chance to talk about legendary Pakistani actors. For a generation of Pakistanis, one of these legends was and still is the late Waheed Murad, “Chocolate Hero” of our silver screens for more than two decades. And now one is pleased to share that his son Adil Murad is attempting to follow in his father’s footsteps. Here in this report Adil talks to Ras H. Siddiqui (RHS) and answers several questions that could be of interest to many fans of Pakistan ’s “Golden Era” of film.
Since our new generation, born in America is sometimes curious about what their parents did for entertainment (while they were growing up), we thought that they should have a window into one family of our stars through young Adil. We talked to him about both the old times and the present. But before we begin, it certainly came as no surprise when Waheed Murad’s son turned out to be as cultured, articulate and all round talented. His father was certainly all of these things and more to millions of his fans.

Producer Asma Hashmi

Adil has recently starred in Dr. Hassan Zee’s new Urdu drama serial “Manzil Pyar Ki” (Destination: Love”), which was filmed in New York City and in nearby New Jersey . Hassan also made the first ever Pakistani-American film “Night of Henna” just a few years ago. This drama brings together Adil Murad in the leading male role of Faisal Khan, and Indian actress Purva Devi, who shot to fame here in the US in the critically acclaimed “American Desi” (she plays the female lead Seemi Shah here). Also in the cast are Farah Bala, Sanjay Malhotra, Mubeena Khan and Susham Bedi. The producer of this serial is Asma Hashmi. Hassan informed us that this serial will have a unique story and that no other drama has been made on this topic before. But we will have to wait to see it (Hopefully after Eid).
Presented below is the entire interview with Adil Murad:

RHS: Many Pakistani-Americans have very fond memories of your father, the late actor/legend Waheed Murad. Would you briefly like to share something about him that we may not be aware of?
ADIL: I've been meeting a lot of his fans here in the US and it’s really a great feeling to experience their love and affection for my father. One small fact that I noticed a lot of people didn't know was that he came from a Punjabi family background. Our family is originally from Sialkot.

Adil Murad

RHS: What can you tell us about your role in Hassan Zee's new drama, Manzil Piyar Ki (Destination Love)?
ADIL: My character in Manzil Pyar Ki was very interesting. I play the role of a person who is torn between his circumstantial marriage and his true love. It’s a character that a lot of people maybe able to relate to.
RHS: What was your feeling about shooting the film in New York City? What was an interesting moment that you can share with us?
ADIL: I love New York! It has an energy that I've never seen in any other place. So naturally, filming there was a terrific experience. Boy oh boy! This project was full of interesting moments. But one of my most memorable was when we were filming in Brian's (our young assistant’s) house. It was such a multi cultural/ethnic/religious mix of people there and the exchange of ideas was just amazing.
RHS: Why do you think that Hassan Zee chose you to work in this drama? Did you know him previously?

ADIL: Working with Hassan Zee was a very interesting and different experience. I guess coming from a big budgeted Hollywood movie, this relatively low budget project really rattled him. I've never seen a director yelling, screaming, or jumping as much as I saw Hassan doing. I had heard of Hassan through Voice of America, and as a Pakistani, I was very proud of him. It was about time that a Pakistani-American stepped into mainstream Hollywood. And when I heard that Hassan would be directing this project, I was very excited! The first time we met, we really hadn't seen each other's work, but after that initial meeting we become quite comfortable.

Adil Murad and Purva Devi in Manzil Pyar Ki

RHS: What you have been doing lately? Do you prefer to act or make movies and dramas?
ADIL Lately, I've been very busy acting and producing. After moving back from the States I revived 'Filmarts' which was my father's production company and has produced hits like Armaan. And so far, we have produced numerous “Telefilms” and are now moving onto bigger projects. There is something about producing that really attracts me to it. To let my creativity flow and make something good really gives me a great feeling. But I would like to take a very well rounded approach and keep acting alongside my productions.
RHS: How was it working with Purva Bedi in the leading female role? Have you worked with Indian Actresses before?

ADIL: This was my first experience working with an Indian actress. Purva was great to work with. We had a lot of funny moments, especially when it came to her Urdu. But as an actress, I found her to be very professional and concerned about her work.

RHS: Do you think that the movie industry in Pakistan is positioned for a turnaround today?
ADIL: Definitely. As you can see that the likes of Shoaib Mansoor and Mehreen Jabbar have stepped into the film arena and produced masterpieces. I firmly believe that in the next few years, we should be able to restore Pakistani cinema to its past glory.

Hassan Zee

RHS: How is it working in a multicultural setting here in America compared to working in Pakistan?
ADIL: It was very interesting, but not too different. I guess that television productions in Pakistan have achieved a similar very professional standard. But it was great to be working with such a mix of ethnicities.
RHS: What do you consider the best movie that your father ever acted in?
ADIL: My personal favorites are ARMAAN and MASTANA MAHI.
RHS: Thank You.
(Written for all of Waheed Murad’s fans, especially Hamraahi Radio’s Raana Faiz in San Francisco)


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