Breast Cancer Awareness among Uninsured Hispanic Community

According to a press release the Mission Green Light (MGL) is organizing a dinner on Saturday, November 17, 2007 at the Stein Center, Maryville Church in Des Plaines, Illinois as a “Day of Celebration” to honor the 110 uninsured women who have taken responsibility for their healthcare. MGL hopes that City and State officials will honor the event with their presence.
The press release states: MGL has developed a training program for uninsured women to take responsibility of personal healthcare by encouraging them to develop the habit of monthly Breast Self-Examination (BSE). Hispanic women from 27 suburbs of Chicago attended the training program which was organized by doctors of the Advocate Medical Group—Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Illinois. Dr. Charity Alikpala and her team under the guidance of Dr. Greg Kirschner made the program a part of their community outreach for the year 2007. The women were examined and individually trained in BSE by the doctors who provided a total of 48 hours of voluntary service during the month of May and June 2007. Father Miguel Martinez of Maryville Church in Des Plaines and Father Jack Hurley of St. Cecilia Church in Mt. Prospect encouraged the women to enroll in the program.
During the month of September 2007, the 110 women took a test (30 questions true or false) about basic breast cancer and self-examination. The women who pass the test and are willing to educate other uninsured women in their communities will become a part of Mission Green Light Volunteers Network for Breast Cancer Awareness. The members of the network will have two responsibilities. Firstly, to educate other uninsured women between the ages of 18-34 in breast cancer awareness and self-examination. Secondly, they will connect the uninsured women who are eligible for free mammograms and Pap tests with Illinois Breast & Cervical Cancer Program (IBCCP). As a major part of its operation to reduce the cancer related mortality rate in Illinois, MGL is providing information and promoting awareness about Illinois Breast & Cervical Program (IBCCP) which provides free breast examinations and mammograms for uninsured women age 40 and above, and free pelvic examinations and Pap tests for uninsured women age 35 and above in the State of Illinois. MGL is most grateful to the Illinois Department of Public Health for allowing it to act as a voluntary ambassador for IBCCP.
MGL is a nonprofit organization formed by a resident of Glenview Terrace Nursing Home in Glenview, Illinois. Its objective is to help the uninsured with free cancer screenings. MGL aims to achieve its objective by providing information about free cancer screening programs and by developing free cancer educational programs and workshops for the uninsured community.
MGL is perhaps the poorest non-profit organization in the country, without an office, even without a cell phone. Yet, its determination to make a difference in the Community and the State is second to none.
MGL requests individuals, small business, private organizations, and corporations to support its efforts by making a donation for its cause. Gifts donated for women will be raffled during the celebration event. All donations and gifts are tax deductible. For more information visit
MGL plans to train 500 uninsured and underprivileged women in BSE techniques in the year 2008. Uninsured women interested in enrolling in the training program should call (847) 657- 0715 or email to


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