Natasha Khan’s Aameen
By Zeeshan Khan


(Above): Natasha with her brother. (Right): Natasha’s parents

The aameen ceremony of Natasha Khan, daughter of prominent community member Wasim Ur Rahman Khan, owner and President of TNW Realtors, and Pakistan Link’s columnist Tasnim Sana Khan, was recently held in Rancho Cucamonga.
More than 250 family members and friends attended the ceremony. A brilliant student, Natasha has finished the Qu’ran at an early age. She recited Surahs from the Qur’an on the occasion while her brother Temoor Wasim Khan and cousin Zoha Nasar Khan presented the English translation.
Maliha Nasar Khan talked about Natasha’s achievements and goals in life. Said mother Tasnim Sana Khan: “Natasha has finished the Qur’an sometime ago and has been waiting for the ceremony because we promised her so. Aameen or finishing Qur’an ceremonies should be exemplary and impressive so that our children have a sense of accomplishment and duly realize that they have done a great job and we are proud of them.”
She also thanked the guests some of whom had come from different states. Mrs. Tehseen Zafar, board member ICIE, recited the duaa. Copies of Qur’an Majeed were given to all the guests who attended the ceremony. Pictures by Farhana Rizvi.


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