Kids Pledge a Drug-Free World

Pictures above were taken on the occasion of the performance by ‘Kids on Stage for a Better World’ at the Exposition Park on August 11

The dynamic ‘Kids on Stage for a Better World’, a community outreach group of the Church of Scientology, performed for thousands at the 60th Independence Day celebrations of Pakistan at the Exposition Park in Los Angeles on August 11. The stress of their performance was drug education. They made available copies of a special edition of The Truth About Drugs booklet, printed for the Independence Day celebration by the Muslim Inter-Faith Clergy Council of America, En Pointe Technologies and the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. It’s a pocket-size booklet with factual information about the most abused drugs, including real-life stories and a study guide.
Youth today are exposed to drugs at an earlier age than ever before. Fifty percent of the students in public schools in the United States have tried an illicit drug, or are using one, by the time they are 17. Young drug users suffer more illnesses, miss more days of school and are more prone to engage in criminal activities.
Emma Rose Livingston, an eleven-year-old who lives in Sherman Oaks, has been performing in public for over four years. She’s done almost two hundred shows with the group. “I like that I can perform and make a better world at the same time!” says Emma. “I want to change things in the world and if we can reach the kids and get them to change their future, then we just might actually make a better world. So much of the trouble in the world is caused by drug use. I would like to think that I will make a difference in our future.”
While on stage the kids pledged to keep themselves and their friends drug-free, as part of the Drug Free Marshal program that is also sponsored by the Church of Scientology . The Drug Free Marshal Pledge has been taken by tens of thousands over the years and helped these kids to do their part in making this a drug-free world.
“These children are the future and we must educate them about drugs and how it effects them personally,” said Emma’s mom, Dr. Anita Pepi. “We have this group because our future is important to us…” She continues. “Drugs do not discriminate whatsoever and destroy the quality of life in communities around the world. Studies suggest that if a young person reaches the age of 21 without using illicit drugs, they are unlikely ever to do so and The Truth About Drugs is a straight factual booklet that they can read and understand.”
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