A Memorable Pakistan Independence Day in Arizona
By Yousuf Bhuvad

Glimpses of Pakistan Independence Day celebrations in Chandler, Arizona

The Pakistani American community in Arizona celebrated the 60th Independence Day of Pakistan on August 25th, 2007 with more vigor, fervor, zeal and vibrancy than ever before. Organized by the dedicated group of community volunteers, this event took place in the Chandler Center for the Arts, a prestigious venue donated by the City of Chandler.
Over 1100 people of Pakistani and diverse origins attended the joyous event. The objective of the program was to celebrate the 60th birthday of Pakistan while raising awareness about the rich heritage of Pakistan , reaching out to community-at-large and, above all raising funds for the recent natural disasters in Pakistan .
Sahara Qureshi and Aqeel Shahid served as the Master of Ceremonies. They eloquently managed the sequence of the program and played a key role in reminding the audience from time to time to contribute for the noble cause.
The program began with a recitation from the Holy Qur’an by Salman Ahmad followed by its translation by Lubna Ahmad. Terry Yu sang the US National anthem followed by the Pakistan National anthem sung by Mansoor Johar .
Dr. Sohail Qureshi, one of the organizers of the event, elaborated on the objectives and key objectives of the program. His presentation included a speech by Quaid-i-Azam Mohammed Ali Jinnah that he delivered on August 15th 1947. He highlighted the accomplishments of the Pakistani-American community in Arizona known for its philanthropy work, professional occupations, affluence and education.
Arif Kazmi, the President of the Asian American Association, recognized and introduced to the audience various dignitaries and honorable guests from the City and the State of Arizona. He expressed his gratitude to the City of Chandler for consistently supporting the Pakistan Independence Day programs for the past several years and taking care of the needs of the Pakistani community in Chandler. The City will soon provide a cricket field where Pakistani Americans can enjoy their favorite sport.

Show of love for Pakistan

The keynote speaker, honorable Council member Mayor and Council representative Bob Caccamo, acknowledged the contribution of the vibrant Pakistani community. He talked about the history of the city of Chandler in the past 20 years and the contributions made by the Pakistani-American community in all sectors of life.
The musical performance started sharp 8:30 pm with Kinsa Noor, a young and upcoming pop performer from Pakistan, entertaining the audience with her songs and keeping the audience engaged.
Jimmy Attre, the grandson of Rashid Attre, sang songs from his latest album “Zamana Nazuk Hai”. His melodious music of modern times rocked the show, especially the children.
Muna Liazza, the Pakistani drama serial actor and performer, added a new feature to the show with her superb dance performances. Her medley combined the tunes and songs from the various parts of Pakistan and ended with a patriotic number from “Junoon”.
Alamgir truly won the hearts of both young and old by his magical performance singing with heart and soul exuberating energy and emotions seldom seen in this city. The nostalgic songs like “Koko Koreena” brought back old memories and patriotic songs like “Khyal Rakhna” touched the hearts of the audience. The program ended with all the performers singing together “Jeevay Pakistan” with the organizers of the show.
The community contributed $4,600 for the natural disaster relief with additional money still pouring in.
Overall, this was a memorable night for the Pakistani-American community in Arizona . They celebrated the 60th birthday of Pakistan and raised money for the flood victims in the country.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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