COPAA Congratulates PM Gilani

The Council of Pakistan American Affairs, COPAA, congratulates Mr. Yousaf Raza Gilani on his election as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan, says a COPAA press release. It adds:
The formation of the new elected government is a major step forward towards restoration of a true democracy in Pakistan. COPAA wishes that Mr. Gilani steers Pakistan on the path of self-reliance, rapid development of solid infrastructure, establish sound democratic, judicial, industrial and educational institutions in Pakistan. The adoption of an independent domestic and foreign policy that reflects public sentiment is bound to restore people’s confidence in the Government, bring stability and provide security to the people of Pakistan.
COPAA welcomes a broader central coalition Government comprised of all major political parties of Pakistan. No doubt that holding such a coalition together will be an uphill task but COPAA is confident that under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Gilani, the new government will sail through without much hindrance.
COPAA is pleased by the very first and swift order issued by the new Prime Minister to release all judges previously placed under house arrest on November 3, 2008 after President Musharraf proclaimed Emergency rule. The judges' release is hailed as the new Government’s first positive move towards the restoration of the judiciary and COPAA expects that he will continue to take similar steps to ensure an independent sovereign judiciary in Pakistan. 
COPAA wishes all Pakistanis and the new Government a resounding success in the coming days.

The Council of Pakistan American Affairs was established in the mid 90s. Its major aim is to assist US elected officials and policy makers to have a better understanding of issues of vital interest to Pakistan that would ultimately lead to strong bilateral relations between the USA and Pakistan.



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