Imran, Aitzaz, Minto Join PANA in Focusing
Aug 14 Activities on Judiciary

Islamabad-Washington, DC: Responding to call for action by Pakistan American Democratic Forum, three major organizations, the Supreme Court Bar Association, Tehreek-e-Insaf, National Workers Party, have joined a number of Pakistani organizations in urging Pakistanis all over the world to vigorously support the restoration of the independent judiciary by turning Pakistan Day celebrations into a global campaign of education, awareness and moral pressure.
The following message was emailed to Dr. Agha Saeed by Mr. Muneer Malik:
 "The President of the Supreme Court Bar Association, Aitzaz Ahsan, joins the Pakistan American Democratic Forum and Pakistan American National Alliance at their call in urging all civil society organizations worldwide to pass resolutions affirming that the Proclamation of Emergency issued by General Musharraf in November 2007 is void ab initio and that the judges of the superior judiciary who were purported to have been dismissed by General Musharraf under the barrel of a gun continue to be legitimate judges and calling upon the Prime Minister of Pakistan to issue an executive order enabling them to assume their responsibilities without delay."
 “This is a great act of unity,” PADF president Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Toor said. “It means that Pakistanis all over the world remain committed to unconditional restoration of the illegally deposed judges.”
The joint statement reads:
Since the people of Pakistan as well as the overseas Pakistanis will be holding Pakistan Day celebrations throughout the month of August, we call on every Pakistani and every Pakistani community to join this global effort for turning this year’s celebrations into a series of thematically-connected activities in support of the deposed judges.
Our goal is to educate and mobilize international public opinion.
These community organizations may want to involve institutions of international civil society – Amnesty International, American Civil Liberties Union, Bar Associations, and Human Rights Groups - in these meeting, rallies, seminars, and conferences, as and when appropriate
We urge each community to pass resolutions for the reinstatement of judges and voiding of all unlawful amendments made during November 2 and December 15. These resolutions should be sent to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Speaker of the National Assembly and Chairman of the Senate.
We also encourage community leaders to write op ed pieces and letters to the editor in local American, European and Middle Eastern papers.
Suitably located expatriate organizations may want to organize rallies outside Pakistani embassies and consulates under the rubric of “We Love Pakistan, We Hate Dictatorship”.
These activities, we believe, can generate global awareness and global pressure for the restoration of the independent judiciary.
For further information contact Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Toor @ 815 – 353 – 5039.




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