PADF Seeks Info about 1985 Habib Jalib Tape

Newark, CA: The Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF) is seeking assistance from the public in acquiring a copy of an audiotape recording of the late poet Habib Jalib produced by the PADF in 1985. Due to popular demand the organization ran out of every copy of the tape.
This tape has Mr. Jalib reciting his own poetry at a PADF meeting in 145 Dwinelle Hall at the University of California, Berkeley in 1985. The B-side of the tape contains a recording of Mr. Jalib's poetry sung by Adithi Mandel. If anyone happens to posses a copy of this tape, or has information which could be helpful in procuring it, the PADF requests that you contact them at 510-252-9894. The PADF would be greatly indebted to anyone who can provide assistance in this matter.
If the PADF is able to find a tape, it will place it on YOUTUBE for everyone’s immediate access.




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