"Allah Made Me Funny" Being Released in Movie Format

The comedy tour "Allah Made Me Funny" is being released in movie format, according to an announcement. The tour consists of three American Muslim comedians - Azhar Usman; Preacher Moss; and Mohammad Amer - who merge their cultural backgrounds with their American identities for a humorous twist on their upbringings.
They have received international media attention from outlets such as Time Magazine, BBC, NBC, The Washington Post, and The San Francisco Chronicle. The film which will open across the US for a one-week viewing on October 3, 2008, will be screened at the Laemmle's Sunset 5 in West Hollywood and Hillcrest Cinemas in San Diego.
Unity Productions Foundation (UPF), which produced the award-winning film, "Prince among Slaves," is bringing the comedy tour to movie screens. If you like to learn more about the movie, please visit the UPF website at: http://upf.tv/upf06/Home/tabid/223/Default.aspx.



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