Independence Day Celebrations in Sacramento
By Shahid Hussain
Bureau Chief


Sacramento, CA: On August 9, 2008, members of the Pakistani-American community in Sacramento and the adjoining areas got together to celebrate the Pakistan Independence Day at the La Sierra Community Center. It was a spirited show of love for Pakistan. Belonging to all age groups and hailing from different parts of Pakistan, the community members provided a rare spectacle of Unity, Faith and Discipline. 
Humaira Arshad, Shiraz Uppal, and many more singers took part in the event and sang national songs to the delight of the emotionally charged crowd.
The event was held in two segments. The first part of the program was more of a community-based event during which the younger group of Pakistanis and kids gave speeches delineating the train of events that led to the creation of Pakistan. The second part of the show was devoted to the presentation of patriotic songs by Shiraz Uppal, Humaira Arshad, Faisy Lucky, Saeed Seekhi.  A few local singers also sang in this session. Prizes were awarded throughout the show.
For the Pakistani-American community the Independence Day is a singular event for rejoicing and merriment and each member, irrespective of age or gender, enjoys every moment of the August 14 celebrations. Organized by the Pakistan Business Community of Greater Sacramento, the show was a great success. The event advisors were Sohail Shahzad, Nadeem Nasir, Haq Nawaz, and Shahid Hussain. Advisors for the kids segment of the program were Tariq, Kamal, and Naveed. The Pakistan Business Community of Greater Sacramento would like to thank all sponsors for their support and hard work in making the event a success.



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