PADF Decries Mumbai Attacks, Calls for Eradication of Root Causes


Chicago, Illinois: Pakistan American Democratic Forum (PADF), a US-wide grassroots organization, has condemned the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, India "in the strongest possible terms".
"We offer our condolences, prayers and moral support to the victims and their families," PADF Chair Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Toor said.
 The PADF statement in part reads:
 "We mourn the deaths of innocent people in India which is a painful reminder of a growing pattern of violence and mayhem in the region and beyond. We also mourn death of thousands of unaccounted and unacknowledged victims of extremist as well as state and imperialist terror in Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh.
 "We offer our sincere sympathies and support to people of India, appreciate the nuanced remarks made by the Indian Prime Minister, and applaud sober elements of the Indian press for their responsible coverage and comments. 
"We support greater cooperation between the Indian and Pakistani governments in faithful compliance with the five Bandung Principles: 1) mutual respect for each other's territorial integrity and sovereignty; 2) mutual non-aggression; 3) non-interference in each other's internal affairs, 4) respect for mutual equality and working for mutual benefit, and 5) peaceful co-existence.
"We ask all both Indian and Pakistani governments and media to avoid hasty conclusions and premature pronouncements of guilt or innocence.
"We urge both Indian and Pakistani leaders to work to eradicate not only the symptoms but, more importantly, the root causes of conflict and violence as well. This means resolving all outstanding disputes including Kashmir.
"We ask South Asian leaders, in office as well as in the opposition, to work together to build a better and more secure world by affirming sovereign equality of nations and the inherent, inviolable, value of every life.
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