Indian and Pakistani People Should Not Let the Terrorists Win - PAKPAC

Maryland, USA: The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee strongly condemns the terrorist actions and the coordinated murderous attacks toward the innocent people in the city of Mumbai, India, says an email message. It adds:

These outrageous and cowardly actions should reaffirm the beliefs of all the peace loving people to join hands and work together to make violent extremists irrelevant in any and all societies.

We join in with our fellow Indian Americans and all Americans in prayers and thoughts for the victims, their families and friends. We ask that in these challenging and highly emotional times communal harmony should prevail, and the Indian authorities do due diligence before pointing towards any one.

We urge both Pakistan and Indian authorities to ensure that the peace talks and peace process continues to move forward even more swiftly. Not doing so would be playing into the hands of the terrorists, and both Indian and Pakistan people who are one of the biggest victims of terrorism, should join hands and not let the terrorists win.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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