Indian-American Groups Want Pakistan Declared Terrorist State
By Khalid Hasan

Washington, DC: The Indian-American community has gathered thousands of signatures in a campaign designed to have Pakistan declared a terrorist state.
Copies of one of several petitions are being kept at the scores of condolence meetings and candle light vigils being held across the US to honor the memory of those who were killed in the Mumbai terrorist attacks two weeks ago. One petition says, “We urge the US to support a UN Security Council resolution to permit strikes against terror camps within Pakistan, in cases where they are unable or unwilling to act. Pakistan’s failure to comply must result in the declaration of Pakistan as a terrorist state by the US government. We believe that in the interests of broader peace, America needs to demand that Pakistan close down all terror camps in its territory or risk losing US funding that has amounted to over $10 billion in US taxpayer dollars since 9/11.”
Another petition launched by the US India Political Action Committee has urged Congress that funding to Pakistan should be contingent on Islamabad extraditing Dawood Ibrahim. “There is a spontaneous response to this petition. Thousands of people have already signed it,” Kiran Desai, one of the community leaders, said at a condolence meeting held in New Jersey at the weekend. New Jersey alone has hosted at least 15 condolence meetings for victims of the Mumbai terror attacks.

Meanwhile, the US-Pakistan Democratic Forum in a letter to the US India Political Action Committee has said, “While we most vigorously condemn the Mumbai terror attacks, offer our heartfelt condolences, and seek to work with Indian American brothers and sisters to build peace and amity in the region, we most respectfully ask you to withdraw the one-sided, divisive, and polarizing petitions launched by your respective organizations.” (Daily Times)





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