Dr Kazmi Represents Community at Phoenix
Condolence Meeting
By Yousuf Bhuvad

Dr Arif Kazmi (second from right) with other interfaith leaders

Phoenix: The Indo-American Foundation of Arizona and India Association of Phoenix in collaboration with Sister Jewish Organizations in Phoenix organized a prayer meeting for the Mumbai terror victims on Friday, November 28h. Among the attendees were the members of the diversified communities including Jews, Sikhs, Hindus and Christians.

Dr. Arif Kazmi, past President of the Arizona Asian Americans and former Chair of the HR Commission Chandler, was invited by the Director of Communication and Board Members of the host organizations to represent Pakistani American Muslims. This was a very sober gathering marked by uneasiness and tension. The relatives of some of the attendees were injured in the terror act.

After  prayers, the community leaders were invited to the podium. One after the other they indicated their frustration, prayers and call for peace over the sad incident. 

Dr. Kazmi spoke on behalf of the Pakistani American community, expressing his grief on the loss of innocent lives and conveyed his condolences to the victims’ families. He urged patience until the investigation on the perpetrators of this criminal act is completed. He said he was confident that the terrorists responsible for the attacks would be caught and brought to justice and punished. He offered full support of his community for the victims and the injured.

  The meeting ended in a peaceful manner with prayers of tranquility and harmony for all.

  After the meeting, several Indio Americans and other attendees met Dr. Kazmi. They unanimously agreed that no blame be made towards any one specific group without investigations.     

This is a good opportunity for the community members to reach out and communicate in the spirits of love and peace to the other ethnic communities.



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