Indian & Pakistani ‘Seeds’ Push for Peace

Since 2001, in partnership with the US Department of State, Seeds of Peace has been bringing together young Indians and Pakistanis for one-of-a-kind conflict resolution programming - at the International Camp in Maine and in Lahore and Mumbai.  Seeds of Peace is the only nonprofit organization in the world doing this kind of programming. 
Innovative follow-up programs include Bring-A-Friend Workshops, where Seeds bring friends from the community to participate in intensive sessions to develop the critical skills necessary to be peacemakers and leaders. 
 In December, Seeds of Peace will host a Bring-A-Friend Workshop in Mumbai where discussions will focus on recent events. 
This week, Seeds of Peace will host a special dialogue session in Mumbai for Seeds to address current challenges to peace in South Asia.  Please learn more about our programs and consider supporting our Indian and Pakistani Seeds in their pursuit of peace:  To donate now, click here.



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