An Invitation to Friends and Well Wishers
By Rafi Munim

As you all know I am running a nonprofit organization from my room in the nursing home. I started this organization with just two dollars seven years ago with the desire to make a little difference in some one's life. Our organization is helping poor and uninsured Latino women with free cancer screening. Why Latino? In the beginning, I wanted to help anyone and everyone but the only positive response I got was from the Hispanic Churches, therefore, currently our focus is on the Hispanic community.
 By the grace of God, our organization was able to help 110 uninsured and underprivileged Latino women with free clinical cancer examinations at Lutheran General Hospital. Though, our administrative and overhead expenses are negligible but we still need money to pay to the doctors for clinical examinations and for mammograms.
 Kindly attend our event on Sunday, December 21, 2008. I need your support PLEASE BE THERE. 
Best Regards,
 Rafi Munim
Mission Green Light
Tel: (847)657-0715



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