FOP Hosts Dinner for PSEB Delegation

The Friends of Pakistan hosted a dinner in honor of the Pakistani IT delegation at Mehran Restaurant Banquet Hall in Newark, California on January 20. Mr. Yousuf Hussain, Managing Director of Pakistan Software Export Board, lead the delegation. It visited San Jose - Silicon Valley- to hold a string of IT related meetings and seminars.

Friends of Pakistan’s president, Sarfaraz Khan welcomed the attendees and informed them that FOP has launched a global campaign for the Pakistan expatriates to have a voice in the Pakistani Parliaments and Senate.  “We want to have the right of vote to elect our representatives in overseas countries. We are getting tremendous amount of support from all over the world and Inshallah we will achieve our goal very soon as this is beneficial for every Pakistani,” he said.

He said the overseas Pakistanis could help Pakistan in four different sectors: (1) to raise remittances, (2) bring more investment to Pakistan, (3) help promote higher education, (4) and boost agriculture industry. “Getting all these benefits on maximum level from overseas expatriates we must have representation in Pakistan national assembly and in the senate to boost confidence level within expatriates,” he said.

Sarfraz Khan also mentioned that Friends of Pakistan was working hard to boost the Pakistani image in the United States of America.

Mr. Yousuf Hussain, MD, PSEB thanked the FOP for arranging the meeting where he could meet several Pakistani Americans. He urge the President FOP to add one more sector in this global campaign to help Pakistan and that was the IT sector, because Pakistan needs more business and venture in the IT sector while we are doing our best but we still need a lot to do because Pakistan is an emerging center for knowledge-based innovations in IT.

Mr. Shahid Tarar, Commercial Consular in Los Angeles, was the liaison officer for this tour and he arranged several meetings for the group in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Mr. Shahab Siddiqi was the emcee of the evening while famous poet of Bay area Mr. Javed Syed and Farooq Taraz a presented their kalam and was duly applauded.




Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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