American IT Center and Phonecast to Establish Call Center in Karachi


Karachi: American IT Center of Los Angeles, California and Phonecast of Karachi, Pakistan recently signed an agreement for the establishment of a Call Center/IT Center in Karachi. The Center will render multifarious services, including inbound/outbound calling, BPO, and software development.

The agreement was signed in Karachi by Mr Arif Mansuri, President of American IT Center who is also the President and Managing Editor of  Pakistan Link, and Mr Abdullah Butt, Chief Executive of Phonecast, a leading IT company in Pakistan which has a very strong client base in the media sector and provides call center services for many TV networks, including PTV and ATV.  Mr Butt is  also the President of the Association of Call Centers and Outsourcing (ACCO) of Pakistan. 

Mr Mansuri is a leading industrialist/entrepreneur and a prominent member of the Pakistani-American community.

The agreement was signed during  Mr Mansuri’s  recent visit to Pakistan  to launch several developmental ventures. He met a number of high-ranking officials and entrepreneurs to firm up plans for various IT and engineering related projects.

Besides promoting foreign investment in Pakistan, the Call Center will facilitate rapport between  Pakistanis residing in North America (United States and Canada) and concerned government agencies and departments with whom the expatriates are required to interact to resolve problems that crop up from time to time. The expatriate Pakistanis will also enjoy access to information relevant to their needs through the Center.

The nature of problems faced by individual Pakistanis and their resolution through the Call Center will be published in Pakistan Link.

Among the many services planned to be offered by the Center would be the much needed service of the online teaching of the Holy Qur’an for the benefit of  the expatriate community.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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