COPAA Urges Community to Cast Vote

The Council of Pakistan American Affairs (COPAA), a Southern California-based organization, urges all Pakistani American registered voters to exercise their right and vote on this coming Super Tuesday February 5th Primary. This is an ideal opportunity for all of you to review the position of all Presidential candidates on vital issues that could have a direct impact on you as a citizen. Vote for the candidate that shares your views and values. Endorse the State Measures/Propositions only after careful review. Casting your vote is the best way to have your presence known and voice heard. Silence must not be chosen as an option, stressed the COPAA President, Razaq M Chaudhry.

COPAA also encourages you to actively participate in the political process by attending political rallies of the candidates of your choice and by engaging with the candidates in a public dialogue. Displaying the name of the candidate of your choice on your car window or in your lawn is an excellent means of showing your support to the candidate of your choice.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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