Edhi Disappointed with ‘Discriminatory Behavior’

Karachi: Edhi Welfare Trust founder Abdul Sattar Edhi has expressed his disappointment over what he referred to as the discriminatory behavior of the United States of America Immigration Department during his recent visit to the States. Edhi made this observation in a statement issued Monday soon after his return to Pakistan.

Edhi said that the US has every right to take preventive measures for internal security, but human rights should not be violated. Developed countries criticize countries of the Third World for human rights violations, but human rights are also violated  - even more - in developed countries. If this goes on then only God can help His people.
Edhi was once held during a very crucial period: at that time, more than 300 helpless and orphan girls were trapped in Clifton, Karachi. He failed to get to them in time because of his detention, said Edhi.
“Now this is the third time the US immigration has interrogated and detained me for eight to nine hours. My clothes - a shalwar suit, a cap and a beard - made me a victim of discrimination. I told the authorities about my purpose for visiting the US, which was for nothing but welfare work,” Edhi said.
How could US authorities be ignorant of him? The international media has discussed many times his role in humanitarian work all over the world, Edhi argued.
He added that his goal was to serve humanity and he did not belong to any prejudiced racial or religious group. The developed countries should help in providing food, medicine and work for the elimination of poverty from the Third World. Instead, they provoke wars and killings. Edhi appealed to the USA to avoid human rights violations under the pretext of terrorism.
Edhi said that his services to humanity for the last 70 years are like an open book. Whether it is a local disaster or an international incident, Edhi’s wife and son get there without any delay.
Edhi thanked President Pervez Musharraf for his reaction when he was detained. He also extended thanks to the US Consulate in Karachi for assistance in arranging his return to Pakistan.




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