COPAA Congratulates People of Pakistan at the Conclusion of Peaceful Elections!

COPAA extends its heartiest congratulations to the people of Pakistan for exercising their right to vote and choosing their leaders responsibly, says a COPAA press release issued on  February 19. The general elections have restored the faith in the electoral process in Pakistan as the international observers have deemed the elections as free and fair.  Senator Joseph Biden, chairman of the US Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee, also observed the election and declared them credible.
This is the first time in many years that the leaders of all the political parties are urging their followers to accept the election results and maintain peace. This indeed is a solid step towards a stable democracy in Pakistan . The leaders of the pro-Musharraf party PML (Q) must also be congratulated for conceding defeat so graciously and expressing their commitment of cooperation with the next government.
The Election Commission of Pakistan deserves recognition for conducting the elections smoothly amidst fears of violence and threats of suicide bombs.  The people of Pakistan came out to vote enthusiastically and the overall situation remained largely peaceful in all major cities of Pakistan. This is a major milestone in the history of Pakistan where democratic processes generally get marred by untoward incidents.
It is now the responsibility of the new elected representatives to constitute a government that would truly reflect the voice of the people. There is no doubt that the new government will face daunting challenges in the days ahead but COPAA hopes that the new government will push the democratic process forward with good judgment, moderation and prudence. The national interests of Pakistan must come before self-interests to ensure a stable and secure Pakistan.
COPAA urges all parties to work together in the new National Assembly and commit to let it work, without impediments, towards fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the people of Pakistan . The new government must strive to obey the Constitution, respect civil liberty and allow independent function of all government institutions as delineated in the Constitution.
COPAA wishes the newly elected representatives and the people of Pakistan best of luck in their pursuit of true democracy. May God help Pakistan.


Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
2004 . All Rights Reserved.