PAKPAC Applauds

The Pakistani American Public Affairs Committee (PAKPAC) has congratulated the “courageous people of Pakistan for actively participating in the elections,“ says a PAKPAC press release. It adds:  “As per the evaluations of the international groups and the local groups, the elections were held in a free and fair manner.
“PAKPAC applauds the people of Pakistan to come out and speak with their votes and also congratulates the current election administrators in Pakistan for successfully holding free and credible elections. The current administration had promised that the elections would be fair and transparent and they have delivered on their promise on the historical election day. PAKPAC acknowledges that some of the parties representing extreme views were able to get less than 1 percent of the elected positions, confirming that the views of the majority of the people of Pakistan are not supportive of an extreme view.
“PAKPAC welcomes the new coalition government representatives and looks forward to working with them in strengthening the US -Pakistan relationship and sharing the issues of concerns of the Pakistani American community with them. We hope that the new leadership would continue to work on the issues of common interest with the US administration. PAKPAC remains committed to helping build and improve the people to people relationship between the people of United States and Pakistan.  
PAKPAC hopes that these election results would serve as a beginning of an era which would result in improved governance, independent judiciary and media, and a process where the built in checks and balances of government would strengthen. There is an urgent need for all the people in the region to identify ways of improving the lives of the average people of Pakistan, focus on appropriate education, strengthen the financial infrastructure and have a comprehensive plan of dealing with the challenges of extremism and intolerance in the small segment of the society.”



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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