PAL-C Looks Forward to New Era

Washington, DC:- The Pakistani American Leadership Center (PAL-C) would like to congratulate the courageous people of Pakistan who today are celebrating an election that was peaceful and credible. The Pakistani people should be congratulated for going to the polls and voting and demanding that their voice be heard and heeded so that tomorrow, and every day afterwards, the future of Pakistan may be better and brighter.
PAL-C applauds the efforts of the government of Pakistan for ensuring the safety of the voters in what was largely a peaceful election, for allowing the Election Commission to do its job of enforcing an election that was fair and credible, and for accepting the results of that election.
Looking towards the future, PAL-C congratulates the parties that won parliamentary seats, and hopes that the peaceful and democratic precedent set by this election will continue to be reflected in the decisions made by the new government.
PAL-C sees this election as the beginning of a new era in Pakistan, one of peace and stability, of an independent judiciary and media, of economic growth and prosperity, of education, civil society and democracy, of improved relations with its neighbors, the U.S., and the world, and of the uplifting of each and every Pakistani citizen.
Congratulations Pakistan.
Pakistan Zindabad.



Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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