COPAA Expresses Grief at the Demise of Benazir

The Board of Directors of the Council of Pakistan American Affairs, COPAA, a Southern California based socio-political organization, expresses its profound condolences and sympathy to the family of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and the families of more than 30 other individuals who lost their lives as a result of a suicide attack in Rawalpindi, says a COPAA press release. It adds:
COPAA condemns this act of terrorism in the strongest possible terms and urges the Government of Pakistan to bring to justice those responsible for such a heinous crime. This is a very sad and tragic day in the history of Pakistan. There is no justification for such a barbaric and brutal attack on the leader of one of the major political parties of Pakistan, said the Board President in a statement issued to the press. This attack has shattered the very foundation of Pakistan; the foundation of democracy and tolerance. The departure of Benazir Bhutto from the political arena in Pakistan has left a vacuum that wouldn't be filled any time soon. COPAA expresses its solidarity with the people of Pakistan and shares in their anguish, grief and sorrow brought by this horrifying attack. We pray that Pakistan comes out of such a difficult period and starts to sail towards the path of true democracy.

  • Razaq M Chaudhry
    President, Council of Pakistan American Affairs



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