FOP Press Release

A Press Release issued by the Friends of Pakistan on December 28, 2007 states: This is a Voice of 10 million Expatriate Pakistanis !
10 Million "Voiceless " Overseas Pakistanis Now insist..
" Hear me out "
I am loud
We Expatriate have left homeland since long!
But our faith is our motherland
Our practice is always to serve the homeland
We play a major part in enhancing foreign exchange reserves in Pakistan
Thus we are playing a vital role in straight lining our motherland economy.
But unfortunately!
We have no role to play in the good governance for Pakistan government.
We are not represented as a group or an individual in the law-making bodies in our motherland, i.e. the Parliament.
We feel lost and bereaved at the absence of our representation in our homeland's parliament
We therefore earnestly request the Pakistan government and appropriate authorities to allocate certain quota of seats in both the Houses of the Parliament, give us right of vote to elect our representatives!
Please consider our request and take appropriate steps to redress our grievance
Remember we are Friends of Pakistan and will always remain so
Please join us and make this happen together
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Friends of Pakistan
Voice of 10 Million Overseas Pakistanis



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