Ashura Jaloos in Los Angeles
By Syed Hafeez Ahmed

An Ashura Jaloos was taken out in Los Angeles downtown on January 13, 2008 on Broadway between 6th Street and Olympic Blvd.

The jaloos began with the offering of salat at Broadway and 6th Street followed by a short speech by the Imam.  The jaloos  then moved slowly with the Alams and Zaris in the lead followed by a group of young scouts who controlled the flow.  An Urdu-speaking group led the jaloos reciting nauhas.  It was followed by Arab and Iranian mourners. 

The jaloos concluded with a speech by Dr. Masoom Abidi from Tennessee who emphasized the importance of practicing one's beliefs and impressed upon the audience the importance of belonging to the community as it practices in the open for all to see the message of Hazrat Imam Hussain (A.S.). 



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