Pakistani-American Physicians Adopt Resolution in Support of SC Judges

Washington, DC: A resolution, jointly authored by the Pakistani American National Alliance (PANA) and Association of Pakistani Physicians for Justice and Democracy (APPJD), was adopted during the APPJD seminar on “Justice and Democracy in Pakistan” by a preponderant majority of Pakistani physicians attending that seminar.
This resolution, aimed at three main goals:  (1) full and formal restoration of all judges deposed by Gen Musharraf on Nov 3, 2007, (2) repeal of unconstitutional amendments promulgated between Nov 3, 2007 and Dec 15, 2007; and (3) retraction of arbitrary and person-specific clauses in the PPP-proposed Constitutional Package, was presented after speeches by Justice (R) Wajihuddin Ahmed, Aitzaz Ahsan and others.   
The key clauses of the resolution are given below:
 “Whereas, Article 6 of the Constitution (Amendment) Order, 2007 issued by Gen Musharraf  on November 21, 2007, seeks to indemnify "The proclamation of emergency of November 3, all President's orders, ordinances, Chief of Army Staff orders, including the Provisional Constitution Order No 1 of 2007, the Oath of Office (Judges) Order 2007, the amendments made in the Constitution through the Constitution (Amendment) Order, 2007 and all other laws made from November 3, 2007 to the date on which emergency is revoked” and declares them “to have been validly made by the competent authority and, notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution, shall not be called in question in any court or forum on any ground whatsoever”; and
“Whereas, the Pakistan Peoples Party has indemnified Gen Musharraf’s above-referenced actions in Article 73 of the Draft Constitution (Eighteenth Amendment) Act, 2008, which reads: “In the Constitution, after Article 270AA the following new Article shall be inserted, namely: “270AAA. Validation of Ordinances etc.- (1) The Islamabad High Court (Establishment) Order, 2007 (P.O. No. 7 of 2007) and the Ordinance, except those specified in the Sixth Schedule, made between the 12th day of July, 2007 and the 15th day of December, 2007 (both days inclusive) and actions taken thereunder shall be deemed to have been validly made and taken by the competent authority notwithstanding the expiry of period of four months specified in Article 89 and notwithstanding anything contained in the Constitution shall not be called in question in any court or forum on any ground whatsoever”;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, Pakistani-Americans, join our Pakistani brothers and sisters in holding the PPP-led coalition government accountable for fulfilling their public pledge made in the Murree Declaration of restoring the Judges of the Supreme Court of Pakistan to their Nov 2, 2007 position…”




Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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