PANA Rally outside Pak Embassy

Washington, DC:  “We Love Pakistan , We Hate Dictatorship.” This slogan was raised at a  rally organized by the Pakistani American National Alliance (PANA) outside the Pakistan embassy, as one more expression of Pakistani-American commitment to the cause of democracy in Pakistan .
Aitzaz Ahsen applauded PANA for its solidarity with the civil society movement. “It is very hearting to see that Pakistanis living aboard have the same feeling as those living in Pakistan.”  Assuring his audience that no “secret deals” have been made, he reiterated that the lawyers’ movement will continue till the judges are restored.
The audience continued to chant “Go Musharraf Go”.
When asked if he is in the US to get US aid to Pakistan scuttled, Aitzaz Ahsen, said:” That’s silly question that deserves no answer.” Than pointing to the PANA placard which read “We Love Pakistan , We Hate Dictatorship”, he said, “This placard says it all.”
Those addressing the rally included Dr. Muhammad Ashraf Toor, Sajjad Burki, Raja Yaqub, Haji Mansha Khokar, Dr. Muhammd Shafique, Dr. Zahid Imranm Dr. Ghazala Kazi.  




Editor: Akhtar M. Faruqui
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